On-Site Services

School Administration

Teachers are often the first to recognize a child who may be experiencing trauma and would benefit from trauma informed and resilience focused intervention.

There is a rise in the number of children who are experiencing trauma that impacts the ability to learn. Students are often unable to receive mental health care as a result of the logistics for the parent; Inability to miss work consistently to transport the student, financial strain to to provide transportation to and from the session are contributing factors.

Parents who are able will experience at least a 30 minute drive to, and 30 minute drive back from the session, and an hour for the session itself. By offering a designated location within the school building for these sessions students have a greater likelihood of receiving needed care, while decreasing the time away from the classroom.

How does this work?

The proper school officials would speak with the students parent(s) and provide information on R.E.A.C.H. for Tomorrow agency and Kristina’s contact information. If agreed upon, parent would initiate the intake form for an assessment for the student through R.E.A.C.H for tomorrow. Once the assessment is completed Kristina would be assigned to provide trauma informed and resilience focused interventions on location at the school to the student.


Employers are experiencing a rise in work missed due to stress and anxiety related illness. Stress and trauma not dealt with can often manifest physically.

Local employers are seeing the value of providing a designated office where employees can meet with Kristina one on one. Offering this to employees saves the employee having to take at least 30 minutes to and from the appointment, as well as the session time itself. It is less work missed for both the employer and employee and fosters a healthier work environment which can aide in retention.

How does this work?

Employer would promote this to employees in the manner they deem appropriate. Employees would initiate the intake form for an assessment through R.E.A.C.H. for tomorrow. Once the assessment is completed Kristina would be assigned to the employee to provide interventions on-site.

In addition to one-on-one sessions, Kristina is available to speak to a group at your location about the impact of stress and anxiety and ways to reduce it in their daily lives.

Residential Facilities

Depression can occur among those who are in the advanced years of their life and are in a residential facility, or provided at home care as they try to navigate with the feelings of this stage in their journey.

The inability to transport a resident can hinder the ability to receive needed mental health care. Kristina can come to your facility and provide that care.

How does this work?

Residential Employees can connect family members with Kristina Stoops to discuss the services offered and how to start the process. R.E.A.C.H. Brochures and business cards are available for your facility.

Together We’re Better!” I look forward to working with you to provide the care your students, employees and residents deserve.

Email: Kristinas@reach4t@gmail.com