Kristina Stoops

Kristina Stoops is a QBHS (Qualified Behavioral Health Specialist) with R.E.A.C.H. for Tomorrow located in Chillicothe and Greenfield, Ohio. Kristina specializes in trauma and resilience based interventions with children and adults, life coaching, and faith-based services when requested.

Services available are listed below:

Children & Adolescents

The number of children experiencing anxiety, depression and trauma has risen significantly. Kristina specializes in Trauma and Resilience for children & teens using proven methods that will promote resilience in your child.


Adult anxiety and depression have risen significantly due to demanding schedules, the loss of a loved one, or possibly an unresolved trauma experience. Kristina is ready to walk with you on your wellness journey to reduced feelings of anxiety and depression and increased feelings of empowerment and well-being.

Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens can often experience depression as they approach the evening years of their life. Kristina will work with your loved one to navigate through the feelings that accompany advanced years. Residential facility visits and home visits can be scheduled.

Critical Caretakers

Hospice Nurses, Nursing Homes, Respiratory Therapists, In-Home Care providers all experience a lot of death and trauma. Many of these providers do not discuss with family or friends what they witness in the course of a day. Without self-care and a positive outlet, this can lead to anxiety. You spend your time taking care of others, contact Kristina to help guide you to self-care.

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